I have been working on this crazy Idea for a while now.

I lived in India for 2 years of my life. It can be, for most people, a very inspiring spiritual  country when spending your holiday time, but daily matters get a bit hectic if you work and live in a big city like Delhi. The cultural shock is what I consider the biggest issue.

As a result, I use to spend a lot of time at home, and it is there, when I started this personal project investigating how we are culturally conditioned by fashion and beauty industry when interacting with the constructed environment.

We are what society wants us to be, we are constantly following trends, beauty patterns and questioning ourselves  if we will be socially accepted or not and how this, in consequence, shapes our identities, social behaviors and living habits.

The idea of working with dead animals had been on my head for a while, taxidermy art is an excellent way to preserve any critter that has been alive recently. I purpously got some of them that were completelly unatractive or repulsive to me and most of people and decided to give them a second chance:  I  strategically enhance their features with socially accepted patterns to reactivate an overdue discussion on what is our concept of beauty today and what can be in the future.