It's about that time. Our favorite high end designers have released their pre-fall collection and we're all dying to have it in our posession. With it's earth tone colors and unusual prints, creating outfits for any mood of the day.

Flirty feminine dresses with a long trench coat for running some errands, or just a business casual silk top with slacks and a whool blazer coat for a more sophisticated look.


Miami is always known for it's bipolar weather. Either it's the crazy heat that makes you want to stay at the beach drinking a margarita under the sun, or it's pouring rain that ruins all your plans, suddenly laying in bed watching Netflix all day doesn't sound like a bad idea.

But sometimes we get lucky enough to catch a ‘cold’ front for a couple days in the fall/winter season (cold as in 60 degrees). Which gives us an excuse to wear our over sized coats and our chic boots, throw on some eye catching accessories like chunky earrings and bracelets or a nice statement piece necklace and we automatically feel like models walking down the runway.


The MARYJANE CLAVEROL  fall collection is officially in construction. Creating winter must haves like sculptured cuffs in different metal tones, and pendant necklaces that'll give a hint of edge to any outfit during the day or night.