Meet Mary Jane Claverol's Zebra and discover why its pink!

Zebra and I met at a warehouse in Wynwood, Miami. It had a sad look and it was facing a wall in far corner at the end of the store. When I saw it, I knew it would be the best partner; and my love for Zebra has grown ever since.

It's been two months since Zebra moved in. Meet Zebra, pink and black stripe taxidermy

African taxidermy Zebra and I felt love at first sight; without knowing this animal became my responsibility. Such a beautiful animal covered in dust had no place in the corner of a warehouse; it deserved to have the best spot in the store! I was committed to rescue Zebra.

An animal's life is worth much more than that. Animals deserve to be worshiped. I believe that day destiny offered me the opportunity to bring the animal back to life; rescue it. When Zebra moved into the Maryjane Claverol Universe; Zebra became family. We will never know if it was a male or female, feel free to make your own assumptions.

I didn't have to spin my brain for a long time as I stood there observing Zebra, with those beautiful long lashes and big black eyes. It has such beautiful features and of course, a mohawk, which will never go out of style. I asked myself, what can be more alive than pink power? Pink can heal anything. Pink brings light to cloudy days; Pink is coolest and most provocative of the color palette. Watch out Pink Panther because The Pink Zebra is here. She is back to life.

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Mrs Zebra, pink and black zebra hangs at MaryJane Claverol near Miami International Airport at the Leah Arts District Pink and black, Zebra, hangs on the wall of my store in, Leah Arts District near Miami International Airport