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If you're debating a splurge, consider MaryJane Claverol's Vintage Collection as an investment in fashion history. Take a look!

Beautiful, affordable and luxurious sequin dresses and jackets can be found here at MaryJane Claverol. 

Allow me to introduce you to my story and to how my love for vintage clothing became my passion and lifestyle.

I was born in Barcelona County; in my Dad's country housed named after Cal Cirera; built in 1697. Living in such a privileged Historic spot gave me the opportunity to grow a passion and special love for antique furniture. In regards to fashion, my aunt Lolita used to keep and save stylish women's dresses from my ancestors back in the XVII Century. These treasures were sublime and I was so honored to be a part of my family's history and ware some of them to important celebrations. Lolita inspired me to start one of my biggest hobbies and now lifestyle: collecting vintage clothing from all around the World. In my travels, my goal is to discover hidden gems and buy vintage masterpieces from every place I visit.

Every vintage purchase tells a story about how it was handcrafted, it's local designers and creators. To me every one of these fashion pieces are a statement to what I believe in.

Reason why from today on, a part of my private collection comes to the public eye. And I want to share it exclusively with you, my followers. I hope you enjoy your travels through my online shop. My goal will be to feed your curiosity; as I'll be uploading new items every week. You are also welcome to visit my art-boutique and conceptual space located at The Leah Arts District in Hialeah. I hope you give me the opportunity to show you how I can inspire you to make your life more beautiful. Your home a place you want to go back to, a closet that is worth jealous looks and a decor that will represent you when visitors come to your door.

Stay tuned as new arrivals will be coming in every week. I am confident that we will find that unique and special dress that has been waiting for you to find him; a piece you will never find in any other shop.

I am very thankful for your visit today,


CAMELIA-JACKET1 Beautiful sequin jacket in beautiful purple, red and blue flower pattern. Elegantly embroidery around the neckline. Affordable vintage jacket at MaryJane ClaverolFAIRY-GRUNGE-DRESS Black vintage sequin grunge dress with white flower designs. Short sleeves for those summer outings. See it at MaryJane Claverol store or online.Vintage black sequin multicolor jacket with neckline embroidery. Vintage black and multicolor sequin jacket with beautiful neckline embroidery. Affordable, vintage and captivating piece.Fairy grunge black sequin vintage dress with white flower sequin design. Affordable vintage with luxury details Vintage fairy grunge dress with black and multi color sequin. Affordable luxury, vintage style. Affordable vintage is now available